Who is Lee Harrington?

During my daily career, I am an author, teacher and speaker on gender, sexuality and kink.  You can find out more about my day to day career at PassionAndSoul.com.  My passion is fueled by making the world a better place for our erotically authentic selves. I am a female to male transgendered artist and beloved friend. And if you are here, longing to submit, I am the creatively sadistic and loving soul that may be just what you need to fulfill your darkest and lightest fantasies alike.

How can I contact you?

Why did you decide to return to professional domination?

Before my gender transition, I spent 7 years in the world of professional domination, adult film work, and escorting. It had its ups and downs, its delights and its disappointments. And, in 2007, when I began taking testosterone and eventually underwent surgeries to alter my body in ways that fit more with my internal alignment, I decided to step away from those careers and pursue my writing and teaching full-time.

I have decided to return because I have a vision. I want to create a safe and fulfilling space for individuals to connect with me one-on-one, in pairs, or in small groups. There is a longing in my being to have individuals on their knees before me, a passion to get my ropes around willing supplicants, and perhaps find service people to fill my specific needs. I find myself inspired again – and thus have chosen to pursue my passions.

I believe that professional domination and connection is an opportunity to help individuals create healthy relationships with themselves and others. It is also a chance to indulge in the decadence of life and love.  I am working under a calling to help change the world one heart, body and soul at a time, as well as explore hedonism, desire, and heat to their fullest.

Where do you live?

I travel internationally, depending on where the will of the world takes me, but am based mainly in Denver, Colorado with regular visits around the United States, parts of Europe, Australia, and beyond. I travel extensively for my work, so contact me by email to see if I will be in your area or to arrange a special trip.

What do you look like?

Standing 5’11”, I am of mixed Irish, Norwegian, and Basque ancestry. My aesthetics range from intense butch leather to sweater-clad prep, spiritual seeker in loose linen to dressed in nothing but a jock strap and boots… and even don femme lace and heels from time to time. My chest is flat with a bit of fur on it, and my men’s size 9.5 shoes are perfect for foot worship. Tattoos adorn my calves and arms, my entire back, as well as a few other places, and my brown hair falls down past my trimmed goatee beard to my shoulders.

For those that ask, and so many do – I live my life full-time as a man, but have decided to keep much of my original plumbing below the waist (with some modifications due to testosterone and a procedure that separated my phallus from my labia). I am a gateway drug for straight men who want a touch of the homoerotic or “forced-bi” in their explorations, or gay men that secretly wonder what playing with someone with such genitals might be like. I also find that since my transition, I have developed quite the following with women who appreciate that I had 25 years of experience in their gender and thus can “speak” their language.

So are you a Pro Dom? A coach? An educator? An escort?

It is not possible to categorize me as any one thing, so I advise not trying to do so.  My advice, my company, my skills as an erotic adventurer, and my knowledge as an educator are all available.  Some of my acolytes enjoy seeing me simply for the joy of my college-educated and world-traveled eloquent conversation over delicious food.  If I find it to be appropriate after forming a bond with a human being to be sexual with them, that has nothing to do with any payment they have given me for my services.  That is a choice of one adult enjoying the body and company of another.

But I have more questions!

Feel free to discuss them with me over email at lee@passionandsoul.com