Sessions and Services

I love creating experiences, from educational opportunities to having you grovel on your knees.  I offer my time, my expertise and my full self to create an experience that will be memorable for both of us. Let us work collaboratively to craft our desires.

Women, men, non-binary, and transgender folk and couples of every orientation are welcome, whether you are experienced in kink exploration or new to the path.

What services are you available for?

I am available for:

  • Erotic Skill Building for Individuals or Couples
  • Erotic Dominance
  • Weekend Connection and Long-term training
  • Body Worship, Energy Work, and Sacred Breath
  • Ritual Work and Ordeals

I offer a wide variety of activities and believe in tailoring an experience to your needs with a personal touch. I offer these services for the requested donation of $150-300usd per hour for this intense and deeply personal work that we do in person, and $70usd per hour of phone consultation or an extended series of emails.  All sessions require a 25% deposit for holding my precious time. Full-day rates, weekend pricing, and extended training are discussed on a per-person basis.  I am not a clock-watcher, but acknowledge that my time is valuable and worth the request.

When are you available?

My primary work is as a sexuality educator and author, and thus stay very busy providing opportunities for the world at large. Private sessions with me are exclusive, and should never be taken for granted.  I encourage interested individuals to email me at to set an appointment. The hours that I am available vary highly based on the specific connection I have with an individual, and what we are creating together.

For those interested in travel sessions or education, I often book months in advance, and expect 50% down and all travel covered in advance, but inquiries are always welcome. My rates do not include the cost of a venue to play or do classes in, unless specified.

Erotic Skill Building

Available for individuals, couples, or small groups, I do hands-on or psychological classes on a variety of erotic skill sets.  Having been a part of the kink communities for over twenty years, with nearly two decades of experience teaching, my classes are fun and informative, sexy and sophisticated, while helping students explore their own potential. These include but are not limited to:

-Finding our sexual identity and desires
-Dominance, submission, power-exchange, and authority-transfer play and relationships.
-Making inroads into the kink and alternative sexuality communities
-Sensual and intense spanking, bruising, caning, and other impact play
-Rope bondage (Japanese, Western, suspension, mummification, and more)
-The intersections of sacred sexuality and kink exploration

These can be designed as one-time classes or a series of skill-building series to help you go where you need to go. Please visit for a more complete list of educational opportunities.

Erotic Dominance

Being well-known in the international BDSM community, I have developed a number of skill sets for sensual and physical submission, erotic dominance, and finding the ways to ride my partners desires to truly make them my own.  I enjoy a bevy of activities, and I can find a great deal of fulfillment from having you grovel at my feet for the opportunity to kiss your way up leg, or sweep you away from my hand landing on your ass in a cascade of spanks.  My dominance is my gift to you, to find your own authentic calling through the physicality of your desire or opening up your heart and spirit providing service to someone who will truly appreciate it. Whether letting go of stress for a few hours, or finding your place on the floor before me, these quests into the heart of your being are worth every breath you can pour into them.

Weekend Connection and Long-term Training

I enjoy diving deep into passion and riding that desire for an extended period of time. Though we can find joy in a few hours together- there is something magical about spending a few days, or more, together. Spend the weekend sleeping in cages or chained in the dungeon, serving at my home, or being taken on extended possibilities of sensual touch and delight. My cage awaits you, as does my wickedly creative mind. One on one we will work together, stepping away from our “normal” obligations and devoting time and energy to a new undertaking… perhaps even creating a connection that will last for years to come. 

Body Worship, Energy Work and Sacred Breath

We do not get enough touch.  We are starved for touch in many cases, and something as simple as holding hands or curling up with another person can do us a world of good.  But each of us holds inside our spirit a piece of beauty- whether you call that energy, divine spark, a piece of God, a reflection of potential, or something else entirely. This can be slow and painful work, using energy to break down barriers caused by painful pasts, or highly erotic and charged delight where we do guided visualizations to charge energy up our spine through each chakra point until orgasmic Kundalini energy is exploded out the top of our scull.  Only by actually diving in will we find out where we need to go.

Ritual Work and Ordeals

As a spirit worker, I am available professionally to help others find their journey through their own skin by riding their desires and truly making them their own. Whether you are called to submit to the power of universal will, spin and sweat your way into an altered states of consciousness, or hand over your fears in an ordeal context, I am available to be your guide. Some ritual work is a gentle path into the spirit, while others require intense quaking quests into the soul. From astral eroticism to physical power and pain, hold out your hand, and we will dive in together.

For more information on energy, rituals, spirit work and ordeals, please visit my spirit work page.

A Note on Sliding Scales, Underserved Populations, and Supporting Artists

I am an Artist, and have spent many years learning my skills.  I continue to study and train, improving myself under a number of teachers and through living life fully in an attempt to follow my path.  This path is not an easy one, and the work and training can be very expensive and time consuming.  Please support Artists as much as you can.  This is why I believe in sliding scales.  If you are well off and believe that what an Artist is doing is something that deserves support, pay on the highest end of a scale.  If you yourself are a struggling artist, I understand, and thus have established lower rates on the sliding scale.  Once in a blue moon I will accept partial barter for services (airline tickets, unique personal service, providing service to community, custom artwork, etc), but this is the exception rather than the rule, and is reserved for underserved populations such as queer, PoC, disabled, and transgender individuals.