“Lee has a vicious sense of adventure and from the moment you begin online you know you are in for a wild ride. Lees many years of skills, blend seamlessly in the background as you become the foreground….every excruciating second of his attention is solely focused on you… starts with his eyes…and he never lets you go as you fall helplessly down the rabbit hole of his pleasure and yours…
In the many sessions I have had with Lee I am always amazed at the endless well of spontaneous creativity, that he brings to his sessions, and how he can wear just about any hat and make it look good. (or sexy as fuck)
If you crave something real, and deep, and unconventional, powerful there is no one better….”
– A B. from Hawaii


I was lucky enough to see Lee a number of times, A Whirlwind of powerful energy and with his finger very firmly held against the trigger of my desires. Highly skilled and very down to earth, I was comfortable with sharing all of my wants, needs and taboos with him. I am not an easy nut to crack, but he read me well and kept me with him in the session the entire time. I was happy and on my knees in front of him,  Safe with his fists in my flesh and amazed at the ability he has to keep me wanting more.
– H. from Melbourne